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Warn the unknowing, leave the wicked to repent or perish once warned.

Stop your ignorant wickedness world…. If you see someone being wicked because they perhaps know no better… warn them, after that it is on them. You can’t change people’s heart or actions. Ezekiel 3:17-19 Human being, I have appointed you … Continue reading

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When working alone, in your fellowships, or with other groups/agencies…DO GOOD!

So I wanted to take a moment to share some insights I have had strengthened over the past couple of months working disaster/crisis relief with the storms in Texas and Florida. There are a lot of individuals, families, churches, groups, … Continue reading

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Abilities and Disabilities come in many forms…be aware of Spiritual “disabilities”

Most of us are aware that we all have areas which we are gifted and some areas which we are “not inclined”.  What we don’t always consider is just like there can be physical disability that impair someone being able … Continue reading

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Do we, and when do we say a blessing with our meal? (What does Scripture say?)

In America (and most of the world) we are very accustomed to saying a blessing “over the food” or “blessing our food” before we eat. Where did this tradition come from and what does The Bible (Instructions) say about? Of … Continue reading

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First Issue of the Study/Newsletter to be mailed Monday, want a copy?

The newsletter will be mailed out on Monday. Issue one contains 5 study launch points and other information. The newsletter is available to everyone, and should be an encouragement and positive tool to start independent study in various areas.  We … Continue reading

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No Streaming Service today, Here is a written copy of the teaching we will be doing. Shabbat Shalom!

This week we will be going on John the 14th chapter, The text is posted below with some commentary. I encourage you to review it, and keep in mind to whom The Messiah was talking too, and there notes in … Continue reading

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This week’s Torah portion demands our attention

This week the Torah portion, (Exodus 25:1–27:19, has a lot of good stuff. As a pastor, and often being blessed by trying to help meet brethren’s needs, the entire reading was great, but the first…the first strikes me most profund. … Continue reading

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We are capable of free thought, free will…

People go from hands to hands…being treated like mindless bowls….foreign thoughts placed in thier heads from people controlling them by phone/facebook/youtube….   let your own thoughts form…test….decide. be a man…not a minion.

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We all need to encouraged time to time…encourage others, be encouraged.

I just want to let it be known that we all, everyone of us…having people watching us we don’t even know…but our successes and failures both inspire some we are never even are aware. There are some who inspire and encourage … Continue reading

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Counting blessings or busy doing two shifts of curses accounting?

 How many blessings are poured upon us all daily? How many of them do we notice? How many are you truly and honestly thankful for? The world has us track transgressions against us, real or perceived. It has us assign … Continue reading

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