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I had assignment for a Law Enforcement Course I am taking…

I was pretty open ended I and struggled with it as to whether I should address a very narrow scope of things, or speak the truth in my heart about the subject matter. Here is my results.  I was instructed … Continue reading

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Why are we so critical of one another, and never of ourselves?

Recently I had a pastor I watch on online set off a huge drama by getting a tattoo. He got flamed by some for breaking Torah by getting the tattoo, there was also flaming by some for not Judging, and … Continue reading

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False Pastors, False Teachers, False Gospel, and Worldly Confirmation…Are you False?

There is a massive trend in pulpits to bring a message that the congregation wants to hear, not the one the Spirit inspires, or the one they want to hear. It has to be the “comfortable” message, not calling anyone out, demanding … Continue reading

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