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First Fire with new AR-15’s. (Video included)

Marksmanship is a complex talent to stay on top of. It is a balance of having a “good” weapon, good firing form, and practice (or time on task). It is important to apply the right amount of attention to all … Continue reading

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Getting Ready To Winter Our Laying Flock…

We are in process of moving our laying flock up to the secure area for winter. We move them for access to electric, protection, and thawed water source. Predators are more motivated during the winter months as other food sources … Continue reading

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Good Friday, Easter Sunday…if your Christ rose on Sunday Morning…you have problems…

I have been hard in reading to share with some folks who asked about “Easter Sunday”. The Most High has laid this on my heart to share, and it may not be the best case, or it maybe, either way it … Continue reading

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Eggs…Storing…How, Where, and How long….Do you know?

Many of us like eggs, some of us produce them for ourselves, but few know the options of how to store eggs for UP to TWO years and they be fresh and good!

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