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Are you captive to hollow and deceptive philosophy?

After getting several questions recently on this subject I thought I would address the subject publicly, to help those who profess faith or seek it with the Most High, G*d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The nature of the questions … Continue reading

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Storing food for long term needs, VIA Mylar!

Mylar affordable food is easy and very wise. If you can’t afford to buy food from one of the big online stores, you can always can/bag it at a local LDS cannery or get with someone with a bagger. Prudent … Continue reading

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A short message about not getting snared by the enemy…


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Faith movie “Joyful Noise”…was very disgusting I thought…

Joyful noise is a move that is supposed to be a witness to the world about the followers, “Christians”, of the G*d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob….It sure does give a witness….to adulterous, vein, wicked folk who worship only themselves….very … Continue reading

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Long(medium) term storage of Protein shake powders.

The work got done today with storing protein shakes. Three of these are a days worth of vitamins, and about 100g of protein. They also pack 1,000 calories! So we got a good source of these, and bought up ~some~. So … Continue reading

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What a wonderful Sabbath, Feeding His people, our brothers and sisters in Durham,

What an amazing day we enjoyed this Sabbath in Durham, with our brothers and sisters in fellowship and meal. We served 81 folks a fine fare of our famous Hearth Chili, yogurt, crackers, and some fruit. It was a wonderful … Continue reading

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If you have (or plan to have) home security cameras…and have an android device…

I very rarely give product recommendations, but when a product is very affordable and works well. This is such a time, in this case it is for security camera monitoring software at home or away. It runs on the android … Continue reading

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We are 40 cords of wood or so out into helping this season, wanted to take a moment and share…..

Some of the time we all get caught up in the “hurry” of what we are doing. We get very focused on the mundane of a thing and lose sight of the why. The why is much more important than … Continue reading

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My Bible Readings, By Payton

I have begun to read an online bible study called YouVersion. Reading that bible, I have collected some “data” that I would like to share.

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Are you a “good person?” Consider yourself “normal”? I pray not…

 We are always aware of how we look to those around us in the world. Some of the people we care what they think, and others we don’t. The important thing is while you are looking at the man in … Continue reading

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