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We made a very nice home made pizza for lunch…see it under construction!

Well most of like pizza, and some of us love it. Why not make it something that is hard to find, fresh, CLEAN, and handmade! We pulled together several things we have put “how to’s” on here before about, homemade … Continue reading

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One take on Wormwood, good wisdom either way,

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Making homemade Wax “Breach Shells” for your shotgun

 I had several request after a recent meeting to talk about, demonstrate, and provide a guide on creating a shotgun breaching round. So I wanted to address those request. It was my plan to use a more “store bought” set … Continue reading

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It’s a new week, let it start a week of good fruits!

With the start of the new week, I want to ask that each of us think this week, how can we help those in need around us. Whether the need be wood (with this snow), food, clothes, a hug, cleaning … Continue reading

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Making our chicken feed,

Many times we get asked how do you control not only the cost but more importantly the quality of your chicken feed? The process of making your own poultry feed is fairly simple. Decide on the protein percentage you want, … Continue reading

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Valentines Day, a stearn warning for people of G*d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob…Bible believers….

The Pagan Holiday of Lupercalia observed February 13-14-15 is where Valentines day comes from, it was adopted as such by Romans and many of its symbols and traditions date back to before the time of Christ.  Many American’s will give their wives, husbands, boyfriends, or girlfriends gifts … Continue reading

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When the lights go out!

When the lights go out then everyone wishes they had a way to get them back on. For some that is lighting a candle, or turning on flashlight, perhaps it is having to wait until the powers that be get … Continue reading

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Unemployment down to 8.5%, only if you lack the ability to reason…

Ok, here is a video I did about the recent “Good News” in regards to unemployment. The Fed’s took over (Executive Branch) gathering, calculating, and tracking these numbers in this current administration. They have also decided that 1.2 million American’s … Continue reading

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