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Even Satan is a Christian….I sure hope you are MORE than a Christian….

Christian: Merriam Webster: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent of Christianity.

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Getting Honey Lined Up, Capturing the Wild Honey Bee!

 When it’s time to get some bee’s getting a wild hive is nice. It shows the colony has health on it’s side. It is very nice to see what sort of success they can achieve without us helping them, which … Continue reading

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We have got a new play set out for young folk…

 Every kid loves to play and like happy kids. We found a very nice, sturdy, and FREE play set on craiglist, so it seemed like a fit. We went down to Raleigh and took it apart over two days, loaded … Continue reading

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Live the Word…Don’t just carry it, sleep by it, and visit it at a dead church…

This is about as simple as I can put it, I pray you have ears to hear….

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Who wants to go for a walk with the Milk Cow?

Many folks walk for exercise, some walk the dog, some walk for coffee, some walk for other reasons. But the best walk I can suggest you take is one with your family, and your milk cow just walking where ever the … Continue reading

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Pesach, a wonderful Passover experience.

We have been out of the digital loop these past week, and Praise The Most High, for His many blessings and provision for our time of observance of His Feast Day, Pesach, the Passover. We were highly blessed to journey, an … Continue reading

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