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Had some questions about rain water capture and water pumping…

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A very good question was presented in comments, lets address them here…

We got a great question in comments on a article, so I have moved it here and addressed it here.  The question was posed by a gentleman we had met at a camp out earlier in the summer. The question … Continue reading

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Cheese Press on the cheap!

Ok so we have done a lot of soft cheese talk as of late, now lets take a look at some hard cheese. You will need a press, so lets see how to make one. *recipe for cheese below*

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10,000 reasons you can not do something, 1 reason you should…It’s His Work…

Those who follow His Way, His Word, His Spirit all hear it’s call do act and do His Work. Many find reasons why they can’t do those things which they are called. There is nothing on Earth that is out … Continue reading

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When problems arise, or are about to arise between two who profess Christ,

The Word is clear on how we are to act in accordance to all things, and His Word covers in great detail our interactions with one another. No where are they clearer than when one feels he has spotted fault … Continue reading

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The hope of the future, to Serve and Protect….

For our own protection the society appoints some of us to protect us from elements which are bent on preying off the rest. In the best of cases these men and women use integrity, honor, and a spirit of service to … Continue reading

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