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Have you ever wondered where hard working men come from

 Well the simple response, they are trained, conditioned, and learn how to work and build endurance and a spirit that is willing to work. So there you go, the secret is out. Of course in America, the couch and TV … Continue reading

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We were gifted some deer meat and have turned it into ground meat for chilli, spaghetti, other foods for the needy.

A dear friend gifted us several deer quarters for use feeding folks in need. So we came on back, threw in some beef fat ground it up and made about 66lbs of ground meat for feedings! Yummy!

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Bible Study: Fear or Faith

Bible Study from October 24th on fear and faith. A look at what the Bible says about them, and direction on the Truth it presents. *Slides Attached Below*

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Progress on the Garden Area has been made.

We have done some work and wanted to give an update (Mainly so our “Secret Super Gardener  could advise us). We got the roots busted up and deep raked the area. Tommorw we hope to till it with a borrowed tiller. … Continue reading

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For dragging trees to cut up and for general farm goodness a winch is nearly a must. We just couldn’t force ourselves (or afford) to pay $300-400 for a winch. So we waited, prayed, and trusted in YHWH to send us a … Continue reading

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Our Outreach Dump Truck is well on the way to being “In Service”

We have our 1958 Dump Truck all tore down and awaiting parts to repair. We bought it for outreach, and we have a big winter ahead to haul wood to those in need! The damage is minor so the day … Continue reading

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We are working on our new garden area, Hope you are about labors as well!

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Bible Study on Bold Decision Making. *Application of Biblical Wisdom to Daily Life*

We invite you to come hear our study on decision making both mundane and large choices. How the Truth directs us, and how to apply it to our life. *Slides Below*

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Reaching out to those in need, Oct 10th in Durham

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Bible Study: Judgement: Righteous versus Slanderous

Here is our Bible Study on Judgement. Due to a technical problem the live teaching can’t be uploaded, but I re-recorded the study for those of you view online. Be encouraged! 

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