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Bible Study: Compromise, Tolerance, Emotions

Bible Study on Compromise, Tolerance, Emotions…from the Truth of the Bible. Hand outs below video. It is our hope that it strengthen and encourage you, in His Name! 

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Bible Study: Introduction to Truth

This is our Bible study from 1/16/2013. Handouts are below in this post. We had some technical problems at the end and the last 5 minutes or so got clipped. It is our hope it brings strength, understanding, and encouragement!

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My personal thoughts on the upcoming “sweeping changes to our rights”….

 It is my hope that our 2nd Amendment is not on the chopping block. It is my hope that our right to be armed for the preservation of our freedoms from a tyrannical or oppressive group of power grabbers, treasonous … Continue reading

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Very inexpensive security investments can save a life…

It maybe livestock, it might be a child, or it maybe you. But a security system, a security plan, and security drills will make pretty much any scenario much more pleasant that it’s other outcomes. In calm and peaceful times, cameras can save you … Continue reading

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A shooting is a sin…and a tragedy, a lie is a sin…and a tradgey

This will likely strike the emotions of some, for that I can’t say much other than, it is far better to be offended by the truth than comfortable with a lie. In the recent shooting it has been widely reported … Continue reading

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Time to wake up folks…Pedophilia is on the way to acceptance…

As become more “Progressive” away from what is written, and move toward accepting more and more Sin in this world, next under assault will soon be our children. Recently many experts have stepped forward to defend pedophilia. Some have said it … Continue reading

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Free Sweet Potatoes are again available!

We are very pleased to offer again to share sweet potatoes again to those in need, shelters, churches, pantries, outreaches, and all who can use them please come take and share! MAP TO PICKUP LOCATION

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