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“At The Ready, with Mike Holland” Feb. 27th @ 8pm EST Blog Talk Radio

If you have questions or would like input on a matter feel free to call in, or if you want email before hand, and I will be glad to address your questions if it is within my ability. We … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Defense of Self and Others: Obligation or Sin Feb 15 2013

Teaching to bring clarification and understanding about using force to defend one’s self or another. *hand outs below click “Continue reading →” below video*

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Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty…or until you are burned out by the police you worked with before claiming they were breaking the law. Perhaps the guy was a this, or that, or whatever…one thing he was for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day? If you love Christ…Don’t participate in that garbage.

Happy Valentines day will be heard a lot this week. If you love the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob there might be something you are unaware of. The Bible is very clear that celebrating “Valentine’s Day” is a sin, … Continue reading

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Food fuels our earthly body…pay attention what you eat…Learn about GMO’s.

This video covers what a GMO is, what we know about them, and more importantly what we don’t know. Credit given to Natural News for putting together this video.

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Bible Study Thursday 2/7/2013 @6:30ish

This week due to some “fireman” obligations we will be having Bible Study/Fellowship Meal on Thursday. We hope to see you there, RSVP! What should we have good this week? Hot dogs? Chilli? Cheese Burgers?

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Urgent need for firewood.

Firewood is now near out, but the cold season is still upon us. Barring some donations of funds or firewood these needs will go unmet.  There are still folks in need of wood, many elderly and disabled. We ask you … Continue reading

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When the Bible speaks of souls “Knitted together”…that means soul tie!

 In the Bible, it doesn’t use the term “soul tie” instead “Souls being knit together, becoming one flesh”, and the like. Soul ties can serve many functions, it ties two souls together in the spiritual realms. Soul ties between married … Continue reading

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