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Looking to add a AquaFarm to the community!

Brother Travis down in South Carolina has a “turn key” setup we are looking to add here on the community pending the building of something “Bigger”. This will be used to grow ~fittin to eat~ things for the table (veggies/fish!), … Continue reading

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Gossip is a Multi-Party Sin…

Gossip is an unique illicit drug. It destroys the dealer (tale bearer), it destroys the user (those who listen), converts the user to a dealer, and spreads like a flue across all those who refuse to REBUKE tale bearers. Then … Continue reading

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“Saint’s Refuge” is in North Carolina, We are not the place to turn for internal issues elsewhere.

This is a “house keeping” issue regarding where one turns for redress of issues or resolution of “Assembly” issues in other places, thus it applies only to a small number of persons.  So if this of interest or applicable please … Continue reading

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Pesach/Passover & Unleavened Bread Observance 2014

Pesach/Passover is April 14, 2014 Monday, 14 Nissan. Thus Sunday night (sunset starting 14 Nissan)…will be the “Passover Meal”, followed by Chag Ha Matzoth (Unleavened Bread) from sundown April 13th through sundown April 20th being .  We will be observing it … Continue reading

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Streaming Sabbath Service March 22, The Word Diet

We share this teaching on The Bible and it’s meaning to you, His Elect in your “walk”. We cover the purpose of The Word, and it’s Application in YOUR life!  Shabbat Shalom!   Shabbat Shalom, (Slides Below)

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“Sister Angela’s Oklahoma style Simple-Soup”

Enough folks have called/emailed/smoke signaled for the recipe for the soup this week here it is! First off I want to give credit where credit is due and thank Sister Angela way out in Oklahoma who first fed me this … Continue reading

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Recent talks with Pastor Joe Fox about living in community.

While out on a visit to Shofar Mountain recently had a good talk with Pastor Joe Fox about “community” matters. Why, when, bonuses, troubles, and the such on video to help others. Also had a good talk about the “types” … Continue reading

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Thursday 3/20/2014 in home meal this week? Recipe all the way from Oklahoma!

This week we will be trying our hand at the Minestrone soup we were so blessed to enjoy on our trip westward. We hope we can do nearly as good as job on it as the dear Sister (props Angela … Continue reading

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A lot of questions for those who are lead to “tithe”…Are you to give Money?

The question comes often, and this time of year even the more so. With an appointed feastday nearly upon us (Passover) many come to question what is proper with an offering/gift/tithe.  One thing for sure, for the feast of unleavened … Continue reading

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Being prepared to defend yourself and others requires action on your part.

Defending yourself or others is not something you just “decide” to do and then you are ready. Simply buying a “Sword” (side arm) likewise doesn’t “make you ready” either. It requires a retraining of your mind to be “aware” of … Continue reading

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