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Do you “observe” the new year set by man? (Yes you do…umm do)

So if you look in the back ground “New Years”….you will find that April Fool is a very interesting subject…With that said, is acknowledging “New Years” a sin for those who consider themselves upon The Messiah’s Walk? Never drink to … Continue reading

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Cysteine-L , IF it is unclean what does that mean?

So some folks have been in an uproar about Cysteine- L. They shout that it is “human hair” or “Pig Hair” used in the _________ I bought. While human hair, and that of the swine are unclean….Lets examine some facts. … Continue reading

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Lets join to help a family in faith, 1 John 3:17!

There is a family of four, with two precious young children who have a need. Before I address the “need” let me say something else. I was unaware that things were as pressing as they were until talking with them … Continue reading

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Seeking input/advice on 12x30ish building

There is a brother in faith who is seeking to aquire a building some what like the one above to use as a home. He would like only a personal door at either end and some windows. He is located … Continue reading

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Sabbath Teaching: Marriage December 20th

We invite you to join us for our Sabbath teaching. This week’s topic is a general insight in to marriage.  Click the “play” button below to start the you tube stream.  We it is our prayer that this message strengthen … Continue reading

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Sound and video stream upgrades in place. We hope it works well!

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We pray the message reached much soil mentioned in Luke 8:15, Sabbath Service has over 2,000 views this week!

I tell you, it is quite humbling to know that Our Father’s Word is reaching so many folks. I hope Truth has encouraged, blessed, and uplifted His People! Barring an unforeseen complication we will be streaming tomorrows (12/20) teaching as … Continue reading

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Many have asked about my mother, how we are doing. She is still doing well…

This is a personal Testimony, many have asked how my mother is doing/how we are doing/how I am doing. So I share this.

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Good report on the Sister’s needs in Nebraska!

   Time for a good news update! Our Sister  in faith has seen Our Father at work in her life. Through the prayers, labor, and gifts many of the most pressing needs have been addressed. The home has a working … Continue reading

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I have spoken often about modern medicine, and Trusting in YHWH. Please see my personal Testimony. Keep me in prayer!

Why should we be careful with Doctors? I have a long term problem (major injury from ’90) and it requires reconstruction….appears that it will be a major deal that requires surgery in the next few weeks. With that said, it … Continue reading

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