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Don’t forget physical security, your life may depend on it

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a “cutting edge” security system, nor does it require a monthly fee. Systems up to 64 camera’s start with 1 camera. For less than $200 you can protect the ones you … Continue reading

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A wonderful 5 minute study, check it out!

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Urgent food need for disabled single man, join us in addressing it!

There is a gentleman I have known for about 30 of my 44 years. He has some major disabilities, and has been working on getting education so he can find work, within his quite severe abilities to do so. Due … Continue reading

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Travel and other finical assistance for a Sister with a family health crisis

There is a sister in faith many of you know her. She has an elderly grandmother who is in very poor health and it prompts our sister to travel half way across to the country to try to help her … Continue reading

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Counting blessings or busy doing two shifts of curses accounting?

 How many blessings are poured upon us all daily? How many of them do we notice? How many are you truly and honestly thankful for? The world has us track transgressions against us, real or perceived. It has us assign … Continue reading

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No streaming service this Sabbath 10/17

This Sabbath Mike will be resting and keeping his ankle elevated, while helping a brother with a fence project midweek he injured his ankle that was reconstructed in March. Appears to just be a sprain, and we hope to return … Continue reading

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Family of 8 in food crisis, lets join together and aid them!

Family of 8 has some major challenges going on due to loss of vehicle, which resulted in loss of work. The dad is doing all he can, and mom as well, we are working to address the transportation need, right … Continue reading

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Sabbath Teaching: Genesis 1 through 3

 Genesis 1 through 3.  Be Blessed and it is our prayer this encourage and strengthen you! For clarity sake be sure that no one view point, interpretation, or translation is being pushed here. We should all study, do our research, … Continue reading

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Genesis to Revelation Sabbath Teachings starting October 10th

We will be starting a on-going study of the entire Word. We will begin thus Sabbath Oct 10th at 11:30est. We will begin with Introduction to His Word, and begin at Genesis 1:1 and proceed for about an hour each … Continue reading

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Have you thought on the power and limitations of prayer?

Recently there was a post which someone spoke but if we pray for those who are in high places of power in America, the assumption being that The Father would “heal/bless/repair” our country, and these men would “repent”.  Some considerations … Continue reading

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