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If you aware of a local area person(s) with need/crisis you can refer it to us with this link.

If you are aware a need in our local area we have added a link on the right side of our webpage, “Refer a Local Need”, from there click use this link and we will get asap, you can also … Continue reading

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We are capable of free thought, free will…

People go from hands to hands…being treated like mindless bowls….foreign thoughts placed in thier heads from people controlling them by phone/facebook/youtube….   let your own thoughts form…test….decide. be a man…not a minion.

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Family of 4 in faith with food need, join us in addressing it!

There is a family in faith well known to us who due to a slow down in work, car issues, and other “life” things have been pressed to the point that food is struggle and one they need a hand … Continue reading

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A time of remembrance and rededication, may you have a blessed Chanukah(חֲנֻכָּה)

Be a blessing to others, Serve YHWH, and rededicate yourself constantly to His Will, Shalom!

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Newsletter project is under development

The newsletter project is coming along. Updates to the layout/planning will be here and updated as they proceed.  

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