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Lend a hand to feeding the men at the local homeless shelter?

Our local town has men’s shelter in the winter months. We are doing some fairly extensive volunteering there for over night shifts. If the shelter doesn’t have enough volunteers to cover the over nights they have to close, and it … Continue reading

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For 10 years we have had “three” basic rules for our community…

These rules have guarded from many ills, but we have learned that more is required. We have been much more guarded about whom we allow to dwell among us, but assuredly this is now the preamble to our three rules: … Continue reading

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We must limit what we expect from others by their ability!

If we expect more of someone than they are capable of, that isn’t their shortcoming, it is ours for calling them to standard beyond their grasp. Regardless of what the pint wishes, it isn’t a quart…  Be encouraged and learn … Continue reading

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Would you like a short encouraging word once and awhile?

We all could use some positive encouragement from time to time, and a verse from The Holy Scripture can be right on time! Many of us have cell phones so we send out encouragements (once a week or so) to … Continue reading

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