For 10 years we have had “three” basic rules for our community…

These rules have guarded from many ills, but we have learned that more is required. We have been much more guarded about whom we allow to dwell among us, but assuredly this is now the preamble to our three rules:

Here every man will treat every other man as a brother. Every man will be treated like a brother. Every woman will treat every other woman as a sister. Every woman will be treated like a sister.  All feelings, emotions, backgrounds, histories, experiences, opinions, educations, and view points are parts of the sum that make up the whole of a person, but ACTIONS (fruit) is what will be measured, and standard is set in Torah to determine which is good and what is undesirable.  To those who seek to be open, caring, and live righteous all burdens will be shared, all things held in common. Alas in today’s world that is a rare person that is willing to be held to the same standard they seek from others. Unfair/unbalanced measure will not be applied to favor those who wish to walk in wickedness, covetous, or other sin. 


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