Lend a hand to feeding the men at the local homeless shelter?

Our local town has men’s shelter in the winter months. We are doing some fairly extensive volunteering there for over night shifts. If the shelter doesn’t have enough volunteers to cover the over nights they have to close, and it is the only option for folks in our area. As a rule, each day is split up into three volunteer needs, “Evening meal”, “Sign in”, and “Over night shelter staff”. We are looking some help to make Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week “Evening Meal”. We would love to be able to get pizzas, or chicken, or subs, or anything such as that for Thursday and Friday but need a hand pulling together the funds to make that happen! Please inbox if you would like to help in this matter or you can use the  

<–here. Also if you are willing to come down and spend an evening let me know  that would be amazing as well! (Need is through the end of March).  Shalom Shalom!

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  1. Ron says:

    Thank you for partnering with us to keep men off the street this winter!

    Ron Cava (Community Partners of Hope)

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