Lift those incarcerated in prayer for safety and mercy

Keep those locked up in prison in your prayers, Just visited brethren in Oklahoma’s “care”, and it is very unsafe right now with gang and drug problems…unsafe for those who are locked up, and those who work there. Keep them lifted!
A lot of people have preconception about people locked up…some are rotten scoundrels, some are exactly what many “label” them all…but by and large they are normal people who ran amuck in choices at some point, or got trapped in system that turns citizens into inmates for unjust reasons…regardless of they why, they are still people…and given a chance many can become the best neighbor, friend, etc you could ever want. Just like a badge doesn’t mean a “good” or “bad” cop/CO…being locked up doesn’t automatically tell about a man’s character. The disciples were locked up, many great men in history were locked up.

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