When working alone, in your fellowships, or with other groups/agencies…DO GOOD!

So I wanted to take a moment to share some insights I have had strengthened over the past couple of months working disaster/crisis relief with the storms in Texas and Florida. There are a lot of individuals, families, churches, groups, communities, agencies, and the like of all sizes who have been “Trying to help” those who were impacted. So let me start off with saying that from our starting efforts, my family and one other things grew to involve our entire fellowship, extended family and friends, local businesses, and huge national groups…from single one person to the largest “aid agency” in America and all points between. For the most part it has been inspiring to be a part of, and more of a blessing and help to those that needed the help than I could ever hope to express. Join in an effort of this type when you can, words cant explain the love returned when you reach out and help people who have such an event. Now then, lets take a moment and think about all this “Trying to help” those who were impacted. That takes many shapes and varieties of action/stuff/work. It is written clearly in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “Well, whatever you do, whether it’s eating or drinking or anything else, do it all so as to bring glory to YHWH.” So when a person, family, group, fellowship, agency, you name it has a common goal “Trying to help” then advancing that goal should be number one. Always makes sure you are working in a spirit of cooperation to advance the common goal, never in a spirit of competition, trying to one up some other group or advance your own efforts. Meet the goal, labor for His Glory, and don’t spend to much time “peering in to the eye” of other groups/agencies when there is critical important work to be done. Work with those tools that help meet your goal, and avoid those which are counter to meeting the needs you are addressing. Most importantly of all, is when you see “bad news” about this or that agency/group just know that bad news travels faster than good, and focus on the hundreds of efforts of love that impacted real people with real crisis for every “bad’ news you heard. You are only accountable for the works you do (or don’t) so don’t be to focused on inventorying someone else works…you are their master, and not in a judgement seat of their hearts! For all those who have been a part of our efforts, thank you for helping us meet these needs, and we pray increase on all the areas of need. Be about the good works my brethren, and Shalom and blessings upon all who seek His Peace!

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