Our first “Pet Relief” mission is getting mobilized!

While we have been helping people and families in crisis for over a decade we have until now not embarked on a primary “pet relief” operation. We were contacted by several groups of folks who have gathered goods to help those folks in hurricane impacted areas with animal care needs. Horse feed, dog food, cat food, and things of that nature. So we are going to be getting these items gathered up and rolling out to Florida first part of next week! We picked up from Jaded Paws Rescue in Jacksonville NC this morning, a group in Georgia Sunday, and another group in western NC Monday before headed down to drop some at port for shipping to PR, and then the rest to south Florida for distribution. Please continue to pray for those folks who have seen so much devastation! Thanks to all the folks and groups for showing love and care enough to donate, gather, and care for these animals needs! Shalom Shalom!

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