Will you cook or sponsor a meal for the homeless men in our area?

As many of you may know we are very active in our community men’s shelter. It operates from November 1st until the end of March.  The shelter provides a safe warm place to sleep, shower, and laundry, along (new this year!) medical and other services to homeless men. This is done through volunteers and donated meals! If you are local and willing to “Cook a meal” (for 1-8ish folks) once a week, once a month, once?…then let me know and we will work out what day. If you are not local but would like to help fill the need these homeless men have of a hot meal we can take a donation and buy dinner at a local eatery (of your choice) and get it to them.  Also if you local and willing to give a 12 hour over night volunteer shift contact us, we could use the help!  If you have questions about what we do to support the shelter, or it’s rules, or the organization in charge of it feel free to contact us as well. Shalom Shalom, and always remember to help those who are in need as best you can!  

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