We sure could use some help, helping at the local shelter!

The winter months are an especially difficult time to wrestle with homelessness.  We work diligently to support the only local men’s crisis shelter in our area by helping staff the over night volunteer shifts. There are just a few of us, and most work full day time jobs. We would love to have YOUR help in meeting these needs. If you are able to sit over night one or more nights (18 years and older, not on registry, heart to help others) please let us know. If you are not able to stay overnight but want to help, meals are provided also so we can arrange a date for you/your group to cover a meal or help you turn your monetary gift into food for these men. Please Consider helping if you can, and keep our efforts and the men who seek the shelter in your prayers. Shalom Shalom (Note* some have asked about the strange breathing sounds in the video lol, that is our rescue boxer Levi, that is how he breathes)




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