Our next monthly “mini-study” post card will be going out by Dec 29th!

If you know someone who would be blessed to have one, or if you would like to get one, make sure to contact us pastor@giftedfaithful.org or PO Box 3051 Henderson, NC 27536 and we will be honored and blessed to send one out to you, your family member, friend, neighbor, or whomever you think it may bring some love, light, and Truth too! We will be sending it to those who already on our list! We send these also to many who are incarnated, elderly, those with out a local assembly to fellowship with regularly. We would like to encourage you to write, visit, and pray for those you know who are struggling with life’s worries, and do what you can to strengthen and encourage them, and be strengthened and encouraged as well! If you wish to help with postage and printing feel free to donate for that purpose. Shalom Shalom! 

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