Adult Children’s choices often cause guilt in parents… Don’t let it snare you!

Parents of adult children who are living very painful and miserable lifestyles/choices often feel to blame. The devil uses the suffering of the adult children to project guilt on the parent.

Listen, lets be real. Parents raise their children, and every parent undoubtedly looks back and things they “could have done” but at the end of the day, if you did (or didn’t) do the best you could at the is done. Granted Proverbs 22:6 makes clear that children raised up His Will, will walk with it in them as adults, but many come to Truth after their children are raised, partially raised, or in what ever circumstance presses them in to “less than” wise choices with rearing.
Every person makes their own choices once they are of age to do so. Parents do impact the way those decision making processes start off, but once the age of majority is reached then their choices (and consequences) are theirs.
If you made errors don’t be shamed or guilt laden by them, tell your adult children your errors, apologize you didn’t know better, but offer them correction on how to make better choices.
Guilt is a weight/tool of the enemy, it has no place in the life of a believer. Spend time in decision making and corrective action not remorse!
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