Radical Hospitality: Do we help others as we are called too? I hope you do…

There is a spectrum of peoples willingness to help others. There are extremes on both ends and a very dangerous middle ground which is apathy….dead charity.  The Word is clear we are to love our “neighbor as thyself”. We are often asked why we go to such lengths to help those around us, and the response is clear, we are commanded to, clearly, as are all who follow in the steps of Christ, in His Service, and accepting the gift of Salvation. To do no less than we would do for our own need, problem, or situation.

Luke 10:27 is the verse being referenced here, and it is as clear as day, “ And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” Lets look at the way we can measure our “Charity” when we see brothers and sisters in need. 

There are some ways people behave listed here, from bad in the regard of being “dead in faith”, to well beyond what is called for and harming yourself or others in trying to help. I encourage you to look at these verses at your leisure.

Prudence must be a part we must know through discernment if we are helping a person or not, and we are called to not do evil, so assistance which promotes evil should be avoided. But opening your home, your car, your heart, your wallet, your pantry, your time, and your efforts to help with problems is what is required. If you have a person you know professes a Love of Christ, and is attempting to Obey G*d as best they can/understand then you have a grave set of requirements to help them. For they are your brother/sister, and if you fail to care for them then you have done a terrible wrong. To love your neghbor as yourself, and to fail to provide for them, you are in my view, supported in scripture 1 Timothy 5:8, worse than an infidel.

So yes, we will do more than what many others would. Love everyone, you follow a G*d of Love, so show love, show mercy, share His Truth and help all the folks you can, not because you have too, but to share the love and provision that has been given to you.

Glory to Him, Glory to His Name, Glory, Glory, Glory!




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