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Let us start with statement of our “Approachability” , We are open to instruction, teaching, correction, rebuke, sharing, witness,study, and any and all things which lead to a better understanding of The Father’s Will, expressed in The Bible. We accept nothing with out testing versus His Word, and we do not engage in argue/quarrel points of disagreement.  We are not “apart” of any other “camps” or groups, we are neither over nor under any “man” or group, Jesus the Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) is our example. We consider any person/groups that accept Jesus the Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) as Messiah, Seek to live righteous life, and are accountable one to another brethren and treat them accordingly.
So this a very abbreviated “recap/cliff notes” overview.
One God (YHWH), His Son became Flesh for the remission of sin, Jesus the Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach), He led a sinless life, died for our sins, defeated death, and His Blood is the only remission for Sin. through accepting His sacrifice (repentance/turning from sin) we are adopted into YHWH (gods) Family (Nation) thus Christ will intervene at the seat of Judgement and His Sacrifice will cover our “repented for/confessed/unintentional” sin. It will not cover unrepentant/open lawlessness. When we are infilled with His Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) there will be outward signs of the inward change and good Fruits. We are to help all we can (believer and non-believer alike), live in close dealings with those who also love (accept) Christ, and try to live a sin free life. We don’t place our judgement’s on anyone, we don’t cater “feelings”, “political correctness”, or “fitting in” we focus on living a peaceful life doing The Father’s Work, Will, and Witness showing love, meekness, understanding to every person on earth…to which we are no better or no worse, living our life making choices as to accepting or rejecting Christ’s. This doesn’t mean we are kicking post, Judaizer’s, cult members, or any other label. We are human’s, who through His Selection, someone’s witness, our acceptance, repentance, redemption, and now visible through our lives seek to enter His Holy Kingdom, where His Law, Commandments, Ordinances, Instructions, and Will.   While many of the world’s “labels” somewhat fit, we don’t label ourselves “Messianic”, “Hebrew Roots”, any “Denomination”. We encourage all to test each person, group, and assembly by their fruits, spirit, profession, and earnest desire to contend for The Faith.
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  1. Raymond Lilley says:

    You and I have been friends for many years now. I often wonder if the actions I do are truly the way I need to go.I try and be a good person.let me know ur thoughts .

    • mikehollandnc says:

      No person is good, we all are broken. Our perfection is through Christ, followed by turning from Sin (Keeping Torah), and walking the narrow path. We all have the potential to be perfect and good, you my dear friend have much room for improvement, strengths, weaknesses and gifts…just like I do….We are equals, in flesh, struggling with the flesh and working, both of us I pray to please Yah. Call me, I will be glad to talk with you about this.

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