Shared Wisdom(faqs)

How should we deal with/or witness to a pathological liar needing of good counsel?

You can only give the witness/correction/advice to these sorts of persons but so many times. Once you have seen that and they pay no heed to the TREASURE of YHWH’s Word (Matthew 7:6)  then you must leave them alone (Titus 3:10).  Remember that your witness is just a portion, your prayers for their freedom from the bondage can shatter the chains they are in if they wish to be free of them…..but keep in mind that “mental illness” isn’t what we think it is…. Romans 1:28 lets us know some people due to their choices have been given (by YHWH) to their carnal lives….and are incapable of good works. (Titus 1:15-16)

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