Would you like a short encouraging word once and awhile?

We all could use some positive encouragement from time to time, and a verse from The Holy Scripture can be right on time! Many of us have cell phones so we send out encouragements (once a week or so) to those who would like to have them! If you would like to be included follow this link https://www.remind.com/join/brethr  and just put in your name and cell number (or email if you prefer). Be encouraged and may The Father bless and guide us all! Shalom Shalom.

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The last newsletter of the year is out!

You can drop us your mailing address to pastor@giftedfaithful.org or if you prefer the downloadable pdf (print on a legal size page) you can click this link. We will be getting these in the mail to our brethren all across the country. It is our prayer that it bless, bolster, and encourage those who receive it! Shalom Shalom   4Q_2016_news_letter_GF

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Are you able to help a homeless vet, join us in lending aid!


help_homeless_vetWe have been made aware of person in faith and a disabled vet who has found himself in pretty dire circumstances. Recent surgeries he is recovering from are going well, but he has found himself in housing distress while waiting for his benefits to come through.  He is currently in weekly rental unit and his funds have been exhausted. He has found himself with housing and food crisis. He is not able to travel far due to his health/medical care he is undergoing as well as a few other things. We are looking to gather an offering and go pay for the housing as funds allow, and help address the food needs. If you are able to help we ask you contact us pastor@giftedfaithful.org or you can use this paypal link, 

. We ask you lift him in prayer, his name is Daniel. Blessings upon all of you and Shalom Shalom!

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Our years end news letter will going out to soon, send prayer request/etc!

If you have prayer request, testimonies, or other submissions you would like to have in our winter 2016 newsletter please send them pastor@giftedfaithful.org, also if you have someone you would like to be included in our mailing list please send their contact info (mailing address or email for pdf) to pastor@giftedfaithful.org  Shalom!

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Seeking Assistance helping a brother in need

We have a brother who is coming today who has literally one set of clothes to his name. If you are able to assist him with acquiring some basic items please contact us. He is near 60, blind. Keep him lifted in prayer, and we praise YHWH for granting mercy and blessings! Shalom Shalom!Your_help_is_Needed

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Do we, and when do we say a blessing with our meal? (What does Scripture say?)

bless_this_foodIn America (and most of the world) we are very accustomed to saying a blessing “over the food” or “blessing our food” before we eat. Where did this tradition come from and what does The Bible (Instructions) say about? Of course regardless of your understanding/insight there is no harm in praying before/during/and after…there is very few circumstances where “too much” prayer/blessings exist, but in regards to our “Instructions” given by The Father in His Word, see Deuteronomy 8:10 and measure your traditions against His Word.  “When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.  Shalom Shalom!bless_his_name

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Be aware of the process decisions are made, don’t get stuck!


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Creating memories and having a wonderful time…free yet priceless!

Life long memories don’t cost a thing in memory instances and can be priceless! Enjoy your day, be blessed and praise The Father who has given us every good thing!

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Steps to bring correction to another

wpid-blessyou.gifIf you are going to come to me on Shabbat…and “Bring my sin to light“…how I am not keeping Torah….do yourself a favor…find the INSTRUCTION/COMMANDMENT in The Book (with two witnesses in Scripture) so that you will know you are not bringing error as fact.
In the case in point, if you are going to call me out for having “One Wife” and not have “many wives”…I suggest you find the Scripture in The Law that Commands me to take many wives…and I dont mean one that says if my natural brother marries and dies….there is Instruction which says THAT mans Brother is to take the widow (if she is willing) and marry her and produce a child….I am otherwise unaware of ANY Instruction to take many maidens as you can. Also I think there is plenty said in there about those of us who got married with a covenant “Forsaking all others” and of course….YHWH would not have us be liars and oath breakers….Also we are to follow the law of man unless the Law of YHWH commands us counter….in which case we obey YHWH. So to come to me and tell me to take other men’s wives they have grew tired of…or another man’s wife who I could “advise” as a pastor to leave him….is not Instructed…thus I am in no error in having one wife to whom I keep my oath, my word, and to which YHWH was witness…He Witnesses and knows all.
This is long before we get in to the deeper issues of what The Messiah said on the matter, what it was in meant/built/designed in the Garden….or the requirements to be in leadership role in His Service…Husband of one wife, not prone to gossip…
So we should all take correction from that which is Written, but to preach another doctrine based on what is Written with our own wants and desires mixed in it……I encourage to study the matter, pray on it, and pray…if “The Spirit” leads you to do things, then by all means if you are sure of it, do it…but don’t add to The Word to condemn other men….Shalom Shalom

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First Issue of the Study/Newsletter to be mailed Monday, want a copy?

watchmans_paperThe newsletter will be mailed out on Monday. Issue one contains 5 study launch points and other information. The newsletter is available to everyone, and should be an encouragement and positive tool to start independent study in various areas.  We will sending this to brethren in correctional institutions to use in small groups and independently. This edition topics covers what it is to be a “Member” of His Body, Millennium facts, what is means to accept Messiah, Romans 8 in closer view, How to serve in Spirit and Truth, It is our prayer that they bring encouragement, enlightenment, and growth to those who receive it! To request a copy for yourself or someone else please email pastor@giftedfaithful.org their mailing/contact information or you can use this link https://goo.gl/tiYuc8. If you would like to send a submission for the next edition email us as well, Shalom, Shalom!

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